Persephone Guitar
Myrtle, Port Orford Cedar and Graphite
The Nature of Women
Our sweet Persephone is swept from her verdant fields by the strident and powerful Hades, throwing the world to calamity. The life-force of the Earth fades while our princess is Ravaged in the Underworld.
Momma Demeter begins popping emails entreating her return, but the forests and flowers die away without her. Soon the two are texting when father Zeus finally weighs in. Hades is forced give her up.

Now, everyone knows: If you step into the Underworld, you cannot eat anything - or you can never return. (It's the same if you step through a Fairy Ring of Red Mushrooms to visit the Little People, you can't eat or you'll never get back)
So - just before the dutiful Persephone is to rejoin her parents,
       ...somehow,      -somehow-
even though she isn't supposed to,
even though she'd be unthinkably naughty,
even though everyone's effort is only to save her from a fate worse than death,
         she eats a Pomegranate Seed

And So - After much to-do, it came that she must return to the Underworld for three months of every year; and from whenceforth, we have Winter.
But we know she can't be enjoying it - not OUR little Princess.

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