Phoenix & Mermaid Guitars
& the New Phoenix Guitar

Phoenix and Mermaid designs are Registered Trademarks

Old pictures from an old camera

Phoenix motif (above)
The new Phoenix Bird sweeps in 
to the Temple of the Sun
While the Parent stares across 
through the flames
Mermaid Guitar (lower blue):
Surprised by their discovery

                       Parent Phoenix   ~ Died in the Flames   (of my house-fire)
Roman Myth: The Phoenix lives 500 years when the new bird "Issues Forth" from its parent.
All the birds in the world send representatives which swirl in the skies above;
while the parent is consumed on the Great Pyre at the Temple of the Sun. 
A vast host of supplicants attend The Pharaoh, in bare-feet and muslin.
Waving palms and singing adorn the celebrations of
the 500 year cycle of the Jubilee of Rebirth

As one or two members of every species of Birds attend,
if you ask any bird you see, it will tell you,

"Oh, yeah, the Jubilee of Rebirth, -happens every 500 years. Humans like it too, but it's a bird thing... "

Moment of Death

~New Phoenix~
Reborn     (see "New Phoenix Guitar")

 All CV Quadraphonic Guitar Peddle-Board
System Controller
Levels Peddle. Dual quad panning peddles. Effects peddle.
The board is fully programmable - 70 buttons are changed to any of eight combinations - times 64 songs. 

Left side:
The Guitar section
The Levels section
The 32 second digital play-back
The octave lower on any string and full effects section. 

Right side:
Full effects section
Two quad pans and auto-panning. A musician can improvise in new sound and mixing combinations but then return to program-setting at the touch of a button.

Quadraphonic guitar - low strings on one side, high strings on the opposite - dual panning. The guitarist can choose to rocket in from 100 miles away and surf around the audience inside his own rhythm, on play-back
Or in playing pure classic guitar, the audience experience is as being inside the instrument, low and high notes cascading around them.

Levels Peddle: Stepping on the actuator, LEDs show an alert and the peddle becomes free to search for the level of a selection. When the control level of the freed peddle finds the level of the newly chosen selection, control seamlessly switches to the new selection.


L.E.D.s and L.E.D. ladders & read-outs light every choice

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