Pickup tests
Midnight Bartolini pickup test

Mickys Gibson pickups

5 second load times)

Video: Gopro mic test without waterproof case

Video: Gopro clip2

Video: Amanda Knox - Canon cam-mic

A guy, who hadn't touched a guitar for 32 years, walked into an empty theater and recorded this with a small hand-held
Raw Theater Clip

Recorded through PA mic in shop
 Samick SG guitar

I worked for 10 1/2 months straight, 12 hours a day reconstructing an old storage facility, that was leased to me for 20 years to do anything I wanted, into a creative works, multipurpose sound and recording studio. Poured all my money into it, got hurt several times and when it was finished, the guy who "owned the property," said he actually didn't own it after all and was being chased out of town for debts. I'd have to move, he was sorry. Not knowing what would happen next, I played verse1 above.

Carpenter man